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Caravanning and Joy of Life Style. Part 1. Our Philosophy

Freedom. This is what makes us Human.


For everyone this is entirely his own concept and understanding to the best of his level of knowledge, education and culture. And here, it would be more correct to point out that our freedom ends where the freedom of another begins. And this is exactly what it makes sense to think about when we talk about choosing the most suitable type of rest for all of us, restoring peace of mind, spending time and options for enjoying the world around us in which we all live.


It is at this moment in time and now, with our world and with all of us, something is going on that makes us think what to do next with all this? The potential of increasing mental and emotional stress in the world and in society in particular is only gaining momentum, and we are increasingly thinking about where to run to, hide from all this. How to maintain a balance of mental strength, balance of mental health and endurance.


The most important, true moment in these vicissitudes of life challenges, is not to forget the essence of human nature - to be. To remain in harmony with oneself and the world around us, with Mother Nature.


What better way to please the eye than a picturesque, miraculous landscape or a clean and clear horizon at dusk or dawn.
A chain of the mountains monumentally and powerfully towering around, the sea coast with its unique exciting salty and tart smell, cloudless blue sky as clear as the eyes of a child and as pure as his smile, or precious scattering of stars in the night sky, or bizarre patterns of clouds in which you can look various unusual silhouettes.
And the sound of rain, beating off the natural musical beat, and the smell of the forest, which literally makes your lungs work at full capacity and inhale more and more, and cannot enjoy it fully.
And the charm of the deafening silent desert at night, when you strain your ears with all you might to catch even the slightest sound, but in vain. In calm, windless weather, sand dunes perfectly absorb absolutely any night sounds. And it is impossible to get used to it, and there is no end to it, just as it is impossible to list and remember all that the world around us gives us.


Returning, albeit with great reluctance, to our mortal and sick world that is tired of ourselves, we can preserve and carry this potential with us, replenishing it again and again and refilling it with this energy, which is so generously given to us by the natural wealth around us and its deep natural spiritual treasures.


But it is worth remembering and distinguishing between what the freedom of another begins with and where ours ends.


Remain Human and remember that People are around us.
He who has ears, let him hear, he who has eyes, let him see…
Have eyes to see horizons and beauty, not polluted resting places after a great time.
Have ears to hear melodies and sounds of the surrounding nature, and not musical preferences or drunken squabbles of others.
Have a sense of smell to enjoy the scent of nature, and not the remnants of others' riotous recreation.


And finally, to have the desire not only to preserve everything that we can enjoy now, but also to increase, and most importantly, to be able and willing to develop this harmony and teach this to our children and future generations.


After all, we are guests in this world and we need to think about how we will leave this planet to our children.


This introduction, Dear Friends and Camping enthusiasts, will be the beginning of a series of articles and a general mental master plan in covering our auto-camping movement in the UAE in particular and the Gulf Region in general. We welcome your feedback and direct involvement in our camping movement to illuminate, promote and preserve the natural diversity around us.


We plan and will actively develop and promote auto camping in the UAE and the Gulf region and we will be glad to all concerned participants in this process.
We, a group of like-minded people, creators and participants of the "Life Style Camper UAE" project, which has a great desire and technical capabilities, to develop and expand recreational camping and auto caravanning in this region.


In the near future, we will have the actual opportunity to present to you in the UAE a new model of a compact, but broadly functional caravan of Ukrainian production. And yes, our main goal is not only to sell and provide rental caravans. We will promote a new philosophy of recreation and promote a new style and approach to recreational camping in general, attitude to the surrounding Nature.


Our friends and partners in outdoor activity, who represent exclusive barbecues and grills in the UAE, will conduct exclusive master classes on teaching camping cooking and preparing simple, but very interesting and delicious dishes that you can cook on your own. After all, we plan to invite the leading chefs of the UAE to these master classes so that they share their secrets.


We are not interested in just selling or renting out caravans. We will give you the opportunity to enjoy life and its delights in all its glory!
Life Style Camper UAE - for a new quality of rest and new impressions wherever you are!


LifeStyle Camper UAE