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X-Line & Line-X

The model of the caravan, which we have chosen as the main one for promoting in the market of the United Arab Emirates and the entire Gulf region, is called the X-Line. As you probably already noticed, this is the only model in the LifeStyle Camper range to date that is coated with Line-X® polymer. Let us try to explain in simple terms what Line-X® is and why we chose this particular model of caravan.

Line-X® is based on polyurea. After application, as shown on the pictures below, it takes the coating from 3 to 5 seconds to dry out. The entire process might take about 3 hours depending on how big is the surface you want to protect, talking about cars and caravans. The coating can be easily applied to almost any surface, from wood, such as our caravans, to concrete. Of course, this polymer is perfectly applied to any metal surface.

The coating is resistant to strong mechanical damage, aggressive media, easily resists ultraviolet radiation without losing color and properties. The polymer is also an excellent anti-corrosion protection.

This coating is used in many industries with increased requirements for the protection of surfaces, mechanisms, structures. Also, in the military field ... here, perhaps, we will not elaborate on the details.


It is also widely used in everyday civil life by people who take care of their cars, for example, to protect the bodies and frames of off-road vehicles, protect the cargo compartments of pickups, etc.

It is difficult to imagine a better protective cover for caravans designed to operate in all weather conditions and in all countries.


We are happy to present to our potential customers and all camping enthusiasts our best-in-class caravan, we are sure about it, with the best protection in the world that exists today!