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Modern classic. Lightweight. Compact.

Embodying the authentic meaning of a teardrop camper the Steeldrop model is the perfect vehicle which helps you to embark on a camping trip. Lightweight, compact-sized and aerodynamic, Steeldrop is easy to drive and park.


Exterior of a Steeldrop is accomplished with a meticulous approach toward details, combining minimalist design and vintage elements, so you can camp with style. The salon is made using textiles creating a cozy atmosphere for your sleep. Optimal storage spaces, shelves and holders will provide enough space to organize all kinds of personal stuff.

Our teardrop campers will help you to discover a whole new world of adventures without sacrificing the essentials of a comfortable living. You can take a shower after a long trip and relax in a sleeping area for two. The sleeping zone also includes a TV and several sockets to charge your gadgets. We can ensure that neither hot, nor cold weather can disturb your rest, since the salon is equipped with air conditioning.

Steeldrop goes with a kitchen equipped with a high-quality sink with electric faucet, 58 Liters water tank with electric membrane pump, drawers, LED lights and many other details, which you can find below.

model features

  • AL-KO torsion bar suspension without roller brake, straight drawbar
  • Galvanized frame.
  • Body made of lightweight plywood with AISI 304 stainless coating
  • Supporting wheel with brakes.
  • Outdoor LED Lighting, rear position LED lights.
  • Foam mattress 200x140x10 cm, soft headrest.

Steeldrop Kit

  • Salon
  • Kitchen
  • Opening hatch 40x40cm (without vent)
  • 2 doors with opening windows, curtains and darkened “GRAPHITE” color of windows
  • Salon is decorated with textile materials
  • Luggage compartment for wear and shoes storage, 2pcs
  • Indoor LED lighting 3pcs
  • Indoor USB sockets 3pcs
  • Hooks for outwear 2pcs
  • Foam mattress 140x200x10 cm
  • Soft headrest
  • Interior decoration with HPL plastic
  • Power socket 230V
  • Car audio, 2 loudspeakers
  • Indoor 12V power socket
  • AL-KO torsion bar suspension without roller brake, straight drawbar
  • Steel wheels with “Babymoon” hubcaps 185/60 R15
  • Light alloys car disks with mud tires 215х75 R15
  • Outdoor LED Lighting 2pcs
  • Outdoor power socket CEE 17 230V
  • 13-pins connector with the function of accumulator battery recharging from car generator
  • External inlet for water tank with a closing stopper
  • Battery 12V 90Ah with charger 230 / 12V 10A
  • Stainless kitchen sink with electric faucet
  • Water tank 58L with electric pump
  • LED kitchen lighting 3pcs
  • USB power socket 1pcs
  • 230V power socket 2pcs
  • 12V socket
  • Front cargo locker with two hatches 349x296mm
  • Voltmeter, clock, timer, thermometer
  • Storage boxes for kitchen equipment 3 pcs
  • Organizer for storage of spoons / forks
  • Stainless steel table surface
  • Space for car refrigerator with socket 12V
  • Exterior hatch luggage compartment 349x296mm
  • Loudspeakers 2 pcs

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