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Campers usually run into problems when trying to pull off off-road or bad roads. Most of these problems are caused by caravans, inappropriate for poor road conditions. The X-Line model is designed to eliminate these problems so you can fully enjoy all the hidden beauties of the world. With comfort.


Our advanced X-Line off-road model has been designed in 2019 providing full premium equipment along with its individual features such as:

  • Improved heating system for cold weather
  • One or two burner gas stove, compressor or thermoelectric refrigerator
  • Air conditioner for cooling, warming or maintaining a certain temperature
  • Independent KNOTT German quality suspension
  • Acoustic system, which includes ALPINE amplifier and HERTH acoustic
  • Plastic or stainless steel water tank with connected level indicator on a control panel
Moreover, we offer a refined interior covered with a genuine leather, and a ceiling decorated with orange Alcantara material. Our models can be tuned and customized according to the individual preferences of our clients.

Model features

  • Built on the Al-ko components from Germany.
  • Galvanized frame.
  • Body is made of moisture-resistant plywood of French production and covered with a polymer coating.
  • Line-X anti-vandal material resistant to scratches, shock and damage.
  • Railings with a carrying capacity of up to 200 kg are installed on the caravan.
  • There are sockets at the back - a 50-liter stainless steel filler neck, a shower outlet and a CEE17 connector for battery charging.
  • All trailer lights are LED.


  • salon
  • Opening hatch 40x40cm with or without vent, or AC
  • 2 doors with opening windows, curtains and darkened “GRAPHITE” color of windows
  • Salon is decorated with textile materials or Alcantara
  • Luggage compartment for wear and shoes storage, 2pcs
  • Indoor LED lighting 3pcs
  • Indoor USB sockets 3pcs
  • Hooks for outwear 2pcs
  • Foam mattress 140x200x10 cm
  • Soft headrest
  • Interior decoration with HPL plastic
  • Power socket 230V
  • Car radio, 2 loudspeakers
  • Indoor 12V power socket
  • Reliable AL-KO torsion suspension with reverse brake
  • Alloy wheels with tires 215/70 R15
  • Body made of lightweight plywood with anti-vandal coating Line-X
  • Outdoor LED Lighting 2 pcs
  • Outdoor power socket CEE17 230V
  • 13-pin connector for car connection
  • External inlet of the water tank with a closing stopper
  • Front cargo locker with two hatches 349x296mm
  • Soft headrest
  • Interior decoration with HPL plastic
  • Power socket 230V
  • Caravan road clearance increased to 40mm
  • Roof railings with 200 kg carrying capacity
  • Battery 12V 90Ah with charger 230 / 12V 10A
  • Stainless kitchen sink with faucet
  • Water tank 50L with electric pump
  • LED kitchen lighting 3pcs
  • USB power socket 1pcs
  • 230V power socket 2pcs
  • 12V socket
  • Front cargo locker with two hatches 349x296mm
  • Voltmeter, clock, timer, thermometer
  • Storage boxes for kitchen equipment 3 pcs
  • Organizer for storage of spoons / forks
  • Stainless steel table surface
  • Space for car refrigerator with socket 12V
  • Exterior hatch luggage compartment 349x296mm
  • Loudspeakers 2 pcs

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